COmbO Packages

Hell Yeah give me that Style Bundle

Get the easy to understand guide for your personality, body shape & best colours that
harmonize most with you.

How does it work?

After booking the bundle you will receive a detailed guide and questionnare to easily fill out and upload for me to get all the necessary informations and pictures I need from you to make your analysis.


Price list

After receiving all your pictures and information you will get a 20 page document detailling:

  • how I arrived at your results
  • your best colour palette
  • Examples of you in your colours and colours that don´t harmonize with you so you can see the difference with your own eyes
  • your best haircolours
  • your best jewelry colours
  • a digital colour compass you can take shopping
  • inspirational outfits in your palette
  • inspirational pictures to understand your colour season better
  • a guide of how colours can affect your every day life
  • makeup looks in your colour season for inspiration
  • my own created pinterest board for your colour season
  • your best cuts & shapes in clothing
  • best fabrics & patterns to use
  • the best textures & accessories which align best with your personality and silhouette
  • a visual guide of your personality style & what it means when getting dressed
  • examples of outfits for your silhouette for inspiration
  • my own created pinterest board for your body & personality type

    Duration until you get your results (after having sent all necessary information) : ~ 1-2 weeks
380.- Euro incl. VAT
(Business excl. VAT)

Bundles can be purchased with a payment plan in 2 installments á 200,00 €.