Colours make the world go round. Colours bring joy and highly influence
our daily lives. If it is our mood, the way we feel or remember and can even
influence the temperatures around us.

How does it work?

After booking I will send you detailed guide on what pictures and information I need from you prior to our appointment.

I will send you a guide of what I need the setup to be at your home or place of choice for a proper analysis and best results.

I will come to you and will analyze your colour season using the draping method and a mirror to show you exactly why certain colours bring out the glow and freshness in your face.

I will leave you with the knowledge of what colours harmonize most with your face and features, what it looks like wearing your right colours and how to safe time when shopping.

In Person Colour Analysis

Price list

After our appointment you will get a detailled 20 – page pdf which includes:

  • how I arrived at your results
  • your best colour palette
  • Examples of you in your colours and colours that don´t harmonize with you so you can see the difference with your own eyes
  • your best haircolours
  • your best jewelry colours
  • a digital colour compass you can take shopping
  • inspirational outfits in your palette
  • inspirational pictures to understand your colour season better
  • a guide of how colours can affect your every day life
  • makeup looks in your colour season for inspiration
  • my own created pinterest board for your colour season


Dauer des Termins: ~ 1,5 Stunden

280.- Euro incl. VAT (Business excl. VAT)
inkl. Anfahrt in Wien

Party package:

Bis zu max. 6 Personen

Auch hier bekommt jede Person von mir eine 20-Seitige PDF

2 Personen 490,00 € incl. VAT/person 3-4 Personen je 210,00 € incl. VAT/person 5-6 Personen je 190,00 € incl. VAT/person